How to select a great mortgage loan officer for your home purchase

Mortgage Lenders

Your Financing Must Be In Place Before Viewing Homes

House Money - selecting a lenderSome people do actually pay cash for a house (wow) but not many! Most home buyers will require the services of a mortgage loan officer. Deb Staley has a list of trusted lenders she does business with every single day. They are professionals with many years of experience and good loan products.

The top tip Deb can give you about shopping for a home loan is: do NOT use an online lender. They advertise low rates, then rip you off with extra fees.  A local loan officer/bank is always your best bet. You can get all your questions answered and discuss scenarios to make sure you select the best loan program for your situation. In today’s competitive home-buying market, home sellers look for a mortgage pre-approval letter from a trusted, local bank. Using an online bank puts you at a disadvantage because people just don’t trust them.

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