Save Money When Buying a Home in This Low-Inventory Market

Saving Money on Your Home Purchase

Tips for Home Buyers Competing in Today’s Low-Inventory Market

There’s no question that the record-low inventory in the real estate market is making things difficult for home buyers and their real estate agents. It is not unusual for buyer to put in offers on several homes before finally getting one. Even buyers making full-price offers are losing out to offers that are over full price.

We must work with the homes that are available, and that’s not always easy. Successful home buyers have learned to adjust their expectations to fit the market that we are in. If you are willing to do updating or other work on a home, you will be in a better position than buyers who expect a home to be “HGTV-perfect.”

You can save money on your home purchase by using a buyer’s agent. An agent who holds the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation has the experience to get you the best deal. Also, don’t pay a fee to be represented. Most agents charge a “fixed commission,” “agency management fee,” or some other fee to represent you. Deb Staley of Deb Dot House does not charge any extra fees to buyers (or sellers) and she is an ABR too.

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