NEW Homes in Johnson County, KS

NEW Homes for Sale in Johnson County, Kansas

A new home in JoCo KS

Displayed below are links to price ranges for all the brand‑new homes for sale today. About 150 of them are maintenance provided homes. Over 165 of them are attached, like a duplex. The new JoCo KS (Johnson County, Kansas) homes displayed here are all in “Active” status; this way, you won’t waste your time looking at homes that are already under contract (“Show for Backups” or “Pending” statuses). These are single-family homes, not condominiums or townhomes. They very well may be attached though, like a duplex, but called a “twin villa” or “attached villa.”

Use the links below to find new homes for sale in Johnson County, KS in your price range. These are new homes that are under construction or have never been occupied.

Under $200,000 -- no longer exists

Under $300,000 -- only a few half duplexes in Spring Hill, KS

$300,000 to $400,000 (only about 13)

$400,000 to $500,000 (about 91)

$500,000 to $600,000  (about 179)

$600,000 to $700,000 (approx 134)

$700,000 to $800,000 (approx 129)

$800,000 to $900,000 (approx 58)

$900,000 to $1 million (approx 46)

$1 million and above (approx 84)

Buying a brand-new home or having a home built is quite different than purchasing a resale home. Builders require a substantial earnest money deposit which is nonrefundable. They rarely come down from their asking price and they are all raising prices across the board. Sometimes your home price can go up even after you have a contract on it, due to the rising cost of lumber and other supplies. There are some other, important differences too. Oh, but there is nothing quite so exciting as a new home! And if your budget can handle it, it is definitely easier to purchase a new home rather than competing with other buyers for the resale homes.

Deb Staley of Deb Dot House is qualified to help you as she has earned the CNHS --Certified New Home Specialist -- designation and RCC --Residential Construction Certified--certification from and she is an ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Agent).

JoCo KS New Homes Sales Statistics

2022 -- 1,337 sales; median sales price $639,008

2021 -- 1,462 sales; median sales price $536,635

2020 -- 1,565 sales; median sales price $478,282

2019 -- 1,203 sales; median sales price $485,000

2018 -- 1,350 sales; median sales price $456,801

2017 -- 1,340 sales; median sales price $443,610

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