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Westwood Hills, Kansas Homes for Sale 

Active home for sale listings in Westwood Hills, Kansas as of today are displayed below. No registration is required to view all details of all the homes for sale in Westwood Hills. Because Westwood Hills is so small and there aren't many homes for sale, both active listings and "show for backup" listings are shown below. Subdivisions in Westwood Hills are Westport Annex and Westwood Hills. The University of Kansas Hospital is very convenient to Westwood Hills.

In 2017, 11 homes sold in Westwood Hills for a median sales price of $435,000. In 2016, 12 homes sold in Westwood Hills. The median sales price was $370,000. This year, 2018, promises to be another fantastic year for Westwood Hills home sales!

The Shawnee Mission School District serves Westwood Hills. Westwood Hills is in area code 913 and located in zip code 66205.

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Westwood Hills, KS Homes for Sale