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See all homes for sale within the Piper School District in Kansas City, Kansas in Wyandotte County as of today. Piper Schools are highly regarded in the Kansas City area. There are two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. There are many newer homes for sale in this area. Being so close to The Legends has created an exciting place to live. Additionally, some large employers have built buildings in the area, so now it is also convenient to good jobs. Highway access is easy as Piper is basically right in between Interstate 435 (I-435) and Kansas 7 (K-7) Highway.

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Statistics About Piper Homes

  • In 2016, 302 homes sold in the Piper area of KCK. The median sales price was $240,950 in 2016.
  • In 2017, 303 homes sold for a median sales price of $255,000.
  • There is significant new construction of homes

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