Comparison of House Photos -- Regular photos versus HDR

Regular House Photos Compared to Professional Photos in High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The photos on the left were shot by me (Deb Staley) with my Canon Power Shot camera. The ones on the right were done by a professional with a Nikon and using the HDR technique.
Notice how the professional photos have a better balance of lighting and a much wider view of the room. Be sure to notice how the windows look in the pro photos.

Living RoomLiving Room in HDR 

Living Room EntryLiving Room Entry in HDR

KitchenKitchen in HDR

DiningDining Room in HDR

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom in HDR - what a difference! 

Bathrooms are particularly difficult to photograph. Only a professional with a very-wide-angle lens can get much of it in.

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