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Mission Homes for Sale

Today’s active, single-family home for sale listings in Mission are displayed below. Mission is a smaller city in Johnson County, KS. It is super convenient for people who work on The Plaza, or even in downtown KCMO. Just about every kind of food is available along Johnson Drive, so if you are hungry, just head over to Mission! Some of those restaurants have been in business over 40 years.

A Mission, KS Style Home

In 2017, 204 homes sold in Mission, Kansas; the median average sales price was $176,000. In 2016, 159 homes sold in Mission; the median sales price was $173,000. 2018 promises to be a great year for Mission, Kansas real estate.

The Shawnee Mission School District serves Mission. Mission, KS is located in zip code 66202.

Major single-family subdivisions in Mission include Alta Vista Heights, Country Side, Crossland, Maple Grove, Milhaven, Mission Hill, Mission Oaks, Mission Village, Morrison Ridge, Suncrest Park, Thompson Addition, Walmer Homestead, Walnut View, West Crossland, Wiedenmann Ridge, and more. Townhome and condo subdivisions include 4900 West, Apollo Gardens, Greenwood Acres, Lido Villas, Lincolnshire, Roeland Court, The Manor Homes at Mission, and Summit Condominiums. Kennett Place is a nice villa community in Mission.

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