Villas and Patio Homes For Sale in JoCo KS, May 28, 2022
Photo of a free-standing villa in Four Colonies in Lenexa

Villas for Sale in Johnson County, KS

See all villas and patio homes for sale in JoCo KS (Johnson County, Kansas) today, . The lowest priced villa is listed at $240,000 and the median list price is $581,435. There are 84 villas for sale in active status and 11 more are “coming soon.” 

Learn about villas Many villas and patio homes are attached homes and are called twin villas or paired villas (fancy name for a duplex). There is no distinction between villas and patio homes in our local MLS (multiple listing service). Many people think that a villa is probably larger than a patio home, but they aren’t separated out in the MLS like that.
JoCo KS Patio Homes/Villas Sales Statistics

2022 Q1 -- 81 sales with a median sales price of $470,000

2021 -- 608 sales with a median sales price of $450,000

2020 -- 401 sales with a median sales price of $404,550

2019 -- 499 sales with a median sales price of $385,000

2018 -- 442 sales with a median sales price of $375,055

2017 -- 468 sales with a median sales price of $354,618

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