Villas and Patio Homes For Sale in JoCo KS | October 27, 2021

Villas for Sale in Johnson County, KS

See all villas and patio homes for sale in JoCo KS (Johnson County, Kansas) today, . There are 92 villas for sale today. The starting price is $299,000 and the median list price is $520,376. Coming soon are 8 more villas!

Learn about villas Many villas and patio homes are attached homes and are called twin villas or paired villas (fancy name for a duplex). There is no distinction between villas and patio homes in our local MLS (multiple listing service). Many people think that a villa is probably larger than a patio home, but they aren’t separated out in the MLS like that.
JoCo KS Patio Homes/Villas Sales Statistics

2020 -- 401 sales with a median sales price of $404,550

2019 -- 499 sales with a median sales price of $385,000

2018 -- 442 sales with a median sales price of $375,055

2017 -- 468 sales with a median sales price of $354,618

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