House in a Hurry | How to Purchase or Sell a Home QUICKLY!
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House in a Hurry!

Are you in a rush to buy or sell a home?

Help! I need to buy a home NOW!

You can buy a home in a hurry if you use an experienced Realtor and an experienced lender. If by “in a hurry” you mean within a month, this is fairly easy to do. It can even be done in as little as 2 weeks if all the pieces are in place. Here are those pieces:
  • Use a local lender recommended by your Realtor.
  • Be realistic in your home expectations. Don’t expect to be “wowed;” HGTV is not real life. You can make a house your home with your style after you buy it.
  • Only view vacant homes and (if possible) homes that have been pre-inspected.
  • Make sure you get every item of documentation to your lender instantly.
    Be prepared up front with 2 years of tax returns with W-2 forms, 2 months of bank statements, and recent paycheck stubs. Don’t open or close any bank or credit accounts whatsoever. Don’t add any balances to any of your credit cards--not even a small amount.
  • Use the seller’s title company to streamline the title process.
  • Your experienced Realtor can make sure you are not overpaying and won’t run into appraisal issues. Your Realtor should have the ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) designation; Deb Staley is an ABR.
  • Inspection time is usually the hardest part of the home-buying process and will take some fast negotiating. Use a Realtor with the RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) certification, like Deb Staley.

Please, I need to get this home sold NOW!

You’ll need the right Realtor to get a home sold quickly and at the correct price. You won’t have time to interview a bunch of real estate agents, so look for these things:
  • A real estate agent with the SRS (Sellers Representative Specialist) designation has extra knowledge that will help you. Deb Staley is an SRES.
  • We all know how important internet marketing is nowadays. A Realtor with the e-Pro certification is knowledgeable about those online techniques to help buyers find your home.
  • Look for examples of a Realtor’s listings! You want a professional listing out there that has all possible information included and is free of grammar, style, and typographical errors. Only accept photos from a professional photographer; cell phone photos just don’t cut it. A true virtual tour video (NOT a slide show of still photos) is a must too. Many agents will not pay for this, but Deb Staley sure will.
  • Pull up a search engine and look for your neighborhood and your style of home. Look for Realtors who come up on the first page of organic search results (not paid ads) as these agents have a real presence for selling those types of homes.
There are several things you will also need to do to facilitate the process:
  • Have the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system serviced as the very first thing.
  • Have the home pre-inspected. This is so important, yet so many sellers balk at it. It is only around $300 and is worth so much more.
  • If there are cracks in your foundation, they simply must be repaired. Buyers won’t look twice at homes with cracks because they fear structural problems (as they should.)
  • Price the home to sell. If the condition isn’t great (review this), then fix it up fast or price it appropriately “as-is.” The “as-is” approach works best on pre-inspected homes!

Call Deb Staley right now to get the ball rolling. Deb works “8 Days a Week” and can get the job done for you--quick, fast, and in a hurry!