Selling a Home That Needs Too Much Work

Selling a Home That Needs Too Much Work

Don't Sell Yourself Short -- Here are Some Ideas

Do you need to sell your home, but are worried about its condition? Sometimes you can fix things up on your home and get it ready for sale with no problem. Other times, the home just needs too much work and you simply cannot do it, for whatever reason.

You will most likely get more money from the home by advertising it on the open market than you would from calling an "ugly house" company. How do you know what it is actually worth, unless it is out there for all types of potential buyers?  Let those home flippers compete for your home by having Deb Staley list it on the multiple listing service (MLS) to expose it to the greatest number of potential homebuyers. 

Cleaning or emptying the home isn't even necessary--there are many people who are willing to take this on. Don't be embarrassed about the condition or anything else; just call me. I'll come take a look and give you my opinion--no obligation whatsoever. 

Here is more information on selling a home in this market.