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Miscellaneous Tips for Home Buyers

From Deb Staley of Deb Dot House

I didn’t know where else to put these tidbits...

  1. Time off work--yes, you will have to take time off work for the home-buying process.Hopefully you have an understanding boss because there are things that must be done during regular business hours.
    • You will want to attend the inspection, although it is not mandatory. 
    • You might have better luck getting a home if you shop during the week, rather than on the hysterical weekend.
    • Your closing (signing those final papers) has to be done during regular business hours. The closing will likely be at a title company and their calendars get full. Prepare to take time time off work.
  2. Advice--if you are listening to friends or family who have not bought a home recently, stop listening. If they are giving you advice from a previous market, they might keep you from getting a home.
  3. Be flexible--this is always good advice, but especially in this real estate market. Have a flexible frame of mind towards type of home, location, closing date, school district... everything.
  4. Hiccups--stuff happens. It just does and the home-buying process is no exception. Make sure you are using an experienced Realtor. Use a Realtor who can show you their certifications and designations; this  extra education is needed to navigate problems that will inevitably crop up. A good place to start is with an agent who is an ABR--Accredited Buyers Representative. See all of Deb Staley’s credentials.

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