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Villas and Patio Homes for Sale in Johnson County, KS

Many JoCo KS Villas have an open concept, like this brand-new oneThere are 149 patio homes and villas for sale today, April 17, 2019, in Johnson County, Kansas. The median list price is $446,690. Call Deb Staley to find out about the 2 additional villas and patio homes coming onto the market soon! All active listings are shown below in order to save you time. Many villas and patio homes are attached units, like a duplex. Sometimes these are referred to as “twin villas” or “twin homes.” There is no distinction between villas and patio homes in our local multiple listing service (MLS). Many people think that a villa is probably larger than a patio home, but they really aren’t separated out in the MLS like that.

So far in 2019, 87 villas and patio homes have sold, and the median sales price was $389,000. This past year, 2018, was excellent for patio home sales; 442 villas sold for a median sales price of $375,055. In 2017, 468 patio homes/villas sold for a median sales price of $354,618. 

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