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The Home Inspection Process

It CAN be SO Much Better!

Article by Deb Staley

Getting through the home inspection process

When you purchase a car, it is best if you write up a contract on it, get your financing in place, and then test drive it. Also, when having major surgery, it is best to go ahead and just have it done; then you can seek a second opinion. What? No good?

Well this is what we do with home sales. Home buyers write an earnest money check; sign long, complicated contracts; and then pay more money for various inspections to make sure the home doesn’t have serious defects. Then we get to painfully renegotiate the deal—every time—because there are always problems with every home. There are no perfect homes—not even new ones.

For some reason, this is just the way we do things here in the Kansas City area. I’m just an old computer programmer, so doing things logically and in order makes more sense to me. Basic inspections are not that expensive; it costs around $400 for a typical home inspection including a termite inspection/official report. If a seller pays for a pre-listing inspection, he/she can attach the inspection report to the Seller’s Disclosure and feel good about divulging everything material about the home. It is the right thing to do. A seller can opt to repair certain items or not and the buyers can decide—up front—if those things are a problem for them. No hassles necessary.

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