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The inside of an Olathe, KS homeWith a single click below, see today’s homes for sale in Olathe, Kansas. As of March 223, 2019, there are 408 homes actively for sale in Olathe and 28 more homes are coming soon to the multiple listing service (MLS).

Olathe is a larger city in Johnson County, KS (JoCo) and is the county seat. Quickly view all homes for sale in Olathe by type, price range, school district, and zip code. Unless otherwise noted, the homes displayed are all listings with an active status, so you don’t have to wade through homes that are already under contract (“Show for Backup” status). Deb Staley built her very first home in Olathe, and loves to sell homes there.

Olathe can be a slightly more affordable places in Johnson County, KS than some of the other cities. Olathe zip codes 66061 and 66062 have far more home sales than the other cities in JoCo, so there is plenty of opportunity for you.

Already in 2019, we’ve had 419 homes sold in Olathe, for a median sales price of $271,500. In 2018, 2,814 homes sold for a median sales price of $270,000. In 2017, 2,851 homes sold for a median sales price of $256,000.

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