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Deb Staley's recent sale of a home in Brookwood Place in LenexaAs of today, December 15, 2018, there are 192 homes for sale in Lenexa. The median average list price is $424,700. Quickly and easily view all homes for sale in Lenexa by type, price range, school district, and zip code. The homes displayed are all home listings for sale in active status, so that you don’t waste time looking at homes that are already under contract (also known as “Show for Backups” status).

A new list by Money Magazine names Lenexa as the best place to live in Kansas and the 59th best place to live in the whole USA! Everywhere you go in Lenexa, you see signs and bumper stickers saying “I Like Lenexa,” which is very cool and uplifting.

Deb Staley has owned 2 homes in Lenexa and she is actively involved in the community. Lenexa is a vibrant and growing city. If you look on a map, it is “wider” than it is “tall” and it touches the cities of Shawnee to the north, Overland Park to the east and south, Olathe to the south, and De Soto to the west. Zip Code 66227 on the west side of K-10 (mostly) has plenty of empty space to grow. To learn about Lenexa living and special events there, you can visit Deb’s blog.

So far in 2018, 877 Lenexa homes have sold for a median sales price of $318,000. In 2017, 925 homes sold, for a median sales price of $295,000. The median sales price for Lenexa single-family homes in 2016 was $275,000. 

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City of Lenexa, Kansas 
Hospital - Shawnee Mission Health Prairie Star 
Lenexa Chamber of Commerce 
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Lenexa Public Market 
Lenexa Recreation Center 
The National Archives in Lenexa 
Lenexa Historical Society 
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