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Leawood HomeShown below are links to all homes for sale in Leawood by type, price range, school district, and zip code. The homes displayed are all listings in active status so that you don’t have to wade through homes that are already under contract (“Show for Backup” status).

The median sales price for Leawood single-family homes in 2016 was $490,000, and 490 of them sold. In 2017, 670 homes sold for a median sales price of $438,250. See all Leawood, KS homes for sale as of today. So far, 2018 has been another great year for Leawood home sales!

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Zip Code 66206 
Zip Code 66209 
Zip Code 66211 
Zip Code 66224 

Blue Valley School District
Shawnee Mission School District 

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