Save Money When Selling a Home

Everyone wants to net the most money from their home sale. Some potential home sellers may not have enough cash on hand to make all the updates that buyers expect nowadays. There are ways to overcome this challenge, and they are listed below.

Clean and Tidy

A house will show best if it is uncluttered and quite clean. Remove personal stuff from the walls. Clear out absolutely everything you are not using from the cabinets and closets. Pack it all up and stack the boxes neatly in the basement or garage. This won’t cost a thing! Smoking and pet smells should be addressed at this time too. 

Well Maintained

Get the Right Realtor®

Lastly, don’t pay extra fees! Most agents charge a “fixed commission,” “agency management fee,” “broker administrative commission,” or some other dumb fee to you.  Deb Staley does not charge any extra fees to sellers (or buyers). 

You will net more money on your home sale by using an experienced, full-time listing agent. An agent who holds the Seller’s Representative Specialist (SRS) designation has the experience to get you the most money. Nearly all homes are viewed on the internet first. A Realtor® with the e-Pro certification has the proven ability to successfully market your home on the World Wide Web. Do not settle for an agent who doesn't use a professional photographer--and that photographer should be shooting in high dynamic range. Those photos are the most important element in the marketing of your home.

Deb holds the SRS designation and the e-Pro certification. Also, she will be with you every step of the transaction. Deb won’t come to your home to snag your listing and then dump you off on a lower-level team member.

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